ISI LEM-2000 Combined Light & TEM Electron Microscope

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ISI LEM-2000  Combined Light & TEM Electron Microscope

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International Scientific Instruments ISI LEM-2000 Combined Light & Electron Microscope.
  • Combination of light (LM) and transmission electron (TEM)
    Microscope with high resolution and easy operation
  • Large specimens on 7 mm grids are automatically repositioned for
    LM and TEM observation
  • Computer controlled stage with the possibility to recall 100
    different positions from its memory
  • Fully automatic photographic system
  • Fully automatic vacuum system
  • Accelerating Voltage: 100 kV TEM
  • Magnification Range 50X-250X LM; 250X-45,000X TEM
  • Lens System Condener: Abbe-type LM; Double Condenser
    Adjustment Free Aperture TEM
  • Objective: Achromat 4x, 10x, LWD 20x LM; Adjustment free Thin
    Foil Aperture Preset Stigmator TEM
  • Intermediate & Projector: Two Stage TEM
  • Specimen Grid Photographic System: 3 &/or 7 mm OD ? 35mm
    fully automatic exposure & winding TEM
  • Vacuum System: Fully Automatic w/Saftey Interlock
  • Data Recording: EM Magnification, film number, location of photo?d
    area on X-Y Grid
  • Pre-aligned 6 lens electron optical system
  • +/- 10 degree stereo tilt in TEM mode
  • Microscope Bench: 31D x 61W x 43H
  • Akashi Power Unit: 19D x 18L x 24H

    This microscope was recently removed from a local hospital and appears to be in good condition. It appears to be complete except for the roughing pump. It includes some tools and spare parts. No manual or peripherals are included. .