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Whether you're preparing for the "big one" or a weekend hike, take a look at Global Solar's P3 foldable Portable Power Packs now available at

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Global Solar P3 Portable Power Packs

Foldable, lightweight solar panels that are military strong

Global Solar Energy out of Tucson, Arizona has designed and built lightweight Portable Power Packs (P3s) for the military for years. Having developed the first lightweight foldable solar panels for the United States Marine Corp beginning in 1998, their current designs are a result of continuous interaction and field demonstrations.


Global Solar Foldable Lightweight Solar Panel  global-solar-panel-in-black.jpg


Recycled Goods stocks new Global Solar Portable Power Packs in black, woodland camo, and desert camo.

The panels have been designed for rapid field recharging of 24v or 12v deep cycle/lead-acid, BB390 and BB590 nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH), and BB2590 lithium ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries. In 2003, this product line was tested and approved by CECOM (Communications – Electronics Command) and subsequently they deployed over 770 solar panels for recharging the Bren-tronics BB2590 soldier battery pack.

Global Solar’s P3’s are rugged and durable. They have passed the United States Army’s series of standard environmental tests, MIL-STD-810E. To date, there have been over 10,000 P3 modules sold worldwide. With the dependable P3, Global Solar has averaged less than a 1% rate of return per year for all P3 modules sold. 

Global Solar P3 Portable Power Packs

Item Brand Watts Voltage Used With Weight Length Width
P3 Black 12V Global Solar 42 - 3.1 lbs 4.375' (52.5") 33"
P3 Black 24V Global Solar 42 - 3.1 lbs 4.375' (52.5") 30"
P3 Desert 12V Global Solar 42 - 3.1 lbs 4.375' (52.5") 35"
P3 Desert 24V Global Solar 42 - 3.1 lbs 4.375' (52.5") 32"
P3 Woodland 12V Global Solar 42 - 3.1 lbs 4.375' (52.5") 34"
P3 Woodland 24V Global Solar 42 - 3.1 lbs 4.375' (52.5") 31"

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