First Solar FS-272 PV Solar Panel 72 Watt Thin Film CdTe Pallet of 50

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First Solar FS-272  PV Solar Panel 72 Watt Thin Film CdTe Pallet of 50

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First Solar FS-272 PV Solar Panel 72.5 Watt Thin Film CdTe Pallet of 50 in Original Cartons. This is a one time opportunity to purchase excess high quality US made brand new in carton thin film panels. These are excess from the final phase of a multi-phase project that never got completed. We have a limited supply and when they are sold we will not be getting more. Priced at a $1.00 per watt plus a matching high quality fused combiner box with wiring harness valued at $495 included for ease of installation.
  • Using breakthrough technology, First Solar's FS-272 CdTe thin film solar panel incorporates advanced thin film technology to improve solar panel efficiency. Common applications include commercial and residential grid-tied solar systems.
  • Reliable: 25-year limited warranty on power output.
  • Engineering Excellence:High solar panel efficiency for an outstanding balance of size and weight to power and performance.
  • Combiner Box for 50 panels with Custom Wiring Harness Included
  • Superior light absorption which maximizes performance and higher power in hot climates and cloudy conditions compared to crystal silicon cell modules.
  • Nominal Voltage: 66.6 Volts Pmax
  • Maximum System Voltage: 1000 Volts
  • 12kg 1200mm x 600mm x 6.8mm (4' x 2' x 1/4 Approx)
  • Frameless
  • Connector: MC3 for both panels and combiner box
  • These are new but old stock and never installed.
  • Weight / Dimensions: 45W x 54D x 36H 1,445 Lbs
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