Bosch VS 18C Sputtering System - w/ CTI Cryotorr 8 Research

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Bosch VS 18C  Sputtering System - w/ CTI Cryotorr 8 Research

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Bosch VS 18C Vertical Sputtering System
The Astex Compact ECR vaporizes the target in the small chamber. Via a gate valve the vapor cloud enters the large chamber to the electron beam coating the target object. A shutter blocks the beam once the process is complete allowing the draw down of the electron gun and pressurizing the middle chamber. A second gate valve also allows for retained vacuum at the cryopump chamber.
  • Chamber: 18.5 in. Diameter - 11 in. High
  • Motor Driven Chamber Lid Lift
  • HV Sputtering Cathode in lower Chamber
    Vacuum Pump Components
  • CTI Cryotorr 8 Cryogenic Pump
  • CTI 8300 Cryogenic Compressor
  • CTI 8001 Cryogenic Compressor Controller
  • CTI Absorber
  • Leybold Trivac D30A Dual Stage Rotary Vane Mechanical Vacuum Roughing Pump
    Microwave Components
  • Astex S-250 Microwave Power Generator
  • Astex Compact ECR mounted at top of chamber
  • Astex EMS 40-25-1-D-10T ECR Power Supply 40V 25A
    Gauges & Controllers
  • MKS 252A MSO-4
  • MKS 270A Display Pressure/Flow Monitor
  • Inficon XTC Thin Film Deposition Monitor w/Oscillator
  • Varian 880 RS Vacuum Ionization Gauge
  • The unit appears to be complete with the exception of an RF Power Supply to power the Electron Gun and some miscellaneous cabling.
  • Additional photos available upon request

    This item was deinstalled from a high-end research facility and appears to be in good condition. This item is used and shows signs of normal wear with minor scuffs and scrapes. No manual or peripherals are included. .