Xerox 4508 Docuprint Laser Printer

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Xerox 4508  Docuprint Laser Printer

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In January 1996 Xerox? released the 8 ppm DocuPrint? 4508 Personal Laser printer, aimed at the personal corporate desktop laser market.

The 4508 was distributed mainly through COMDEX dealers, corporate resellers and VARs, with a limited retail distribution in what Xerox called selected markets.

Instead of a Fuji-Xerox? engine, the monochrome 4508 utilized the familiar 8 ppm QL-85 engine from Samsung's? QwikLaser 84/85 and 6000 models. The compact footprint, along with the excellent price and performance of the Samsung engine made it much more attractive than the Fuji-Xerox? engines used in nearly every other Xerox desktop laser at the time.

The 4508 utilizes a single piece all-in-one cartridge using a non-magnetic microfine toner. The fuser is user-adjustable, allowing the user to change the fusing temperature to optimize their print quality when using different paper stock, which can have varying heat transfer characteristics.

Remanufacturing the 4508 cartridge is fairly simple, since the 100% toner transfer eliminates the need for a waste bin and there is no recovery blade or wiper blade.