Wyse WY-160ES Terminal Wyse - 900985-06 - White 160ES

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Wyse WY-160ES  Terminal Wyse - 900985-06 - White 160ES

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As the premium Wyse monochrome terminal, the WY-160ES delivers advanced capabilities, multiple personalities, and low emissions unmatched by any other general purpose terminals.

  • Light screen burn.
  • ASCII/ANSI/PCTerm/PCGraphics personalities
  • Dual host support with independently configurable sessions
  • 76 Hz refresh rate with overscan
  • High-resolution 10 x 20 character cell
  • One parallel port and two serial ports, up to 115.2 Kbaud
  • Multiple display formats
  • Exceeds the most stringent ergonomic and safety standards in the world
  • Mfg Website:
  • New Price over $450,mss__cat_id--461,prod_id--7791272,rf--wgg.html
  • We have compatible keyboards available as PID: 8626 Wyse 901867-01

    This unit has been tested and appears to be in good working order, however is sold as is. .