WinSoft Burn-In Tester Sigma Systems XTP 363-C4 Thermal Platform

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WinSoft  Burn-In Tester  Sigma Systems XTP 363-C4 Thermal Platform

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WinSoft Burn-in Tester w/Sigma Systems XTP 363-C4 Thermal Platform
  • This Burn-In Tester consists of single bay test rack with two enclosed hotplate (ovens).
  • Each hotplate (oven) has 4 chambers, which hold up to 4 UUTs per chamber.
  • Each UUT may have up to 4 stages. Each stage has a power channel for drain and a channel for gate.
  • WinSoft Card Bank features multiple National Instruments Boards.
  • Two Sigma Systems XTP-363 Thermal Units feature the Sigma C4 Controller.
  • Specs for Each Thermal Unit: 80-100psi LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen) 208vac 20amps 4x600w heaters operating temp -99C to 199C
  • 8 each: Powerdaq PD2-AO-32/16HC xm
  • 8 each: Powerdaq PD2-AO-32/16HC mb
  • 5 each: National Instruments PCI-6033E
  • 1 each: National Instruments PCI-6503
  • 1 each: National Instruments PCI-GPIB
  • 1 each: Rocky 3702EV Single Board Computer with 256MB Memory
  • 16 each: WinSoft Bias Box Board Assy. Bias Box-001
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    This item was deinstalled from a working environment and appears to be in good condition. This item is used and shows signs of normal wear with minor scuffs and scrapes. Software and Manuals are included but we cannot confirm that the sets are complete nor versions current.