Votrax Beige Personal Speech System without Power Supply

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Votrax Beige  Personal Speech System without Power Supply

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Votrax Beige Personal Speech System. This is a voice synthesizer. Its text-to-speech translator lets your computer properly pronounce conversational words at least 95% of the time. For unusual words and proper names, you can define an exeption word tabel and store your own translations. The entirely self-contained Votrax PS System gets your computer talking without using any computer memory.
  • Does not Include Power Supply
  • 350 programmable frequencies for speech/sound effects.
  • 64 amplitude levels.
  • Simultaneous speech and sound effects or speech and music.
  • 8 octave, 3 note music synthesis.
  • Serial and parallel interface standard
  • User programmable master clock.
  • User defined exception word table.
  • User programmable speech rate, amplitude and inflection.
  • User expandable ROM for custom applications.
  • User downloadable software.
  • 3,500 character input buffer: subdivisible for a printer buffer.
  • Internal speaker and external speaker jack.
  • Real time clock and 8 user defined alarms.
  • Oral power up and error prompting.
  • X-on/X-off and RTS-CTS handshaking.
  • Programmable Baud settings (75-9600).
  • Interrupt driven Z-80 microprocessor.
  • Parallel Serial interconnect modes.
  • Proper number string translation: the number I 54 is pronounced one hundred fifty four