Veeco MS-20 UFT Helium Leak Detector w/Console

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Veeco MS-20 UFT  Helium Leak Detector w/Console

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  • Console Model Leak Detector
  • High production, rapid cycle leak testing.
  • Diffusion pump, remote controller, RS232, sensitivity of 6x10-10 atm cc/sec.
  • Includes calibration standard.
  • This unit is a diagnostic tool used to locate minor leaks in high vacuum systems by detecting the presence of Helium that is introduced into the suspected area by a leak in the system.
  • Portable, self contained, fully automatic with hand held remote.
  • Sensitivity: 6 x 10-10 atm cc/sec at full pumping speed.

    This item powers up and responds to manual controls, however we cannot test it further. However, it is being sold as is with no warranty. No manual or peripherals are included.