Various Line/Data Extender Lot of Line/Data Extenders

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Lot of various Line/Data Extenders
Data Extender allows you to run a printer or other Parallel device up to 2000ft away with ordinary 4 wire phone line.
  • 2 ASP Computer Products Snap SR100 Parallel Receivers
  • 10 ASP Computer Products Snap SX100 Parallel Transmitter
  • 3 ATEN Tech MB416 Line/Data Extender
  • 15 ATEN Tech MB400P Line/Data Extender
  • 1 ATEN Tech IC164T Line/Data Extender
  • 2 ATEN Tech IC162T Line/Data Extender
  • 4 ATEN Tech IC162D Line/Data Extender
  • 2 LE110 Parallel Line Extenders (Serial Input)
  • 1 LE110 Parallel Line Extender (Parallel Input)
  • 2 - 9V DC 600 mA Power supplies.
  • Power is only needed for very long distances.
  • These units were over $60 each new