Varian 12KVA Power Supply for Klystron RF C or KU Satellite Band (3.6-9.2 KV DC)

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Varian 12KVA Power Supply for Klystron RF C or KU Satellite Band (3.6-9.2 KV DC)

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This Varian High Power High Voltage Power Supply was coupled with a cabinet that could accommodate either a Klystron C-Band 3.5kVA or Ku-Band 8.3kVA RF Tube Satellite Transmitter. This is just the power supply and does not include the cabinet or Klystron RF Tube. As you can begin to see from the photos this power supply includes a unique inventory of high voltage transformers, resistors, switches and other useful parts. This power supply is heavy and weighs close to 700 pounds.

Please don't buy this thinking you going to quickly connect it up to a Klystron RF Transmitter you find at a local garage sale and start transmitting and communicating with your nearest orbiting satellite or spaceships in outer space. There are many safety issues with that idea. This is intended to be sold to an electrical engineer or savvy prototype builder who can see the value in the components and would like to keep most of them intact and study the construction during the disassembly of such a massive high voltage power supply that communicated and flew our C and KU band satellite spacecraft during the 1980s 1990s and 2000s.

  • Varian PN: 1000035-00
  • Electro Transformer
  • Input Voltage: pri 208 3Ph 50/60 Hz
  • Output: 2 KVA 3650 to 9250 volt DC
  • Very Rare. Not many of these still left in existence.