TTI CTS-2219TT Series 2200 Cartridge Tape Subsystem

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TTI CTS-2219TT  Series 2200 Cartridge Tape Subsystem

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Series 2200 Cartridge Dual Tape Subsystem

The CTS-2219 (5.25 inch Full Height form factor) has a native capacity of up to 20 GByte on an 1800ft tape, with a quoted data transfer rate of 1.5 MByte/sec. The max. capacity increases to 40 GByte with DLZ (Digital Lempel-Ziv) high-efficiency data compression, with a quoted data transfer rate of 3 MByte/sec. A dual-channel read/write head and a tape mark directory maximise data throughput and minimise data access time. The front-panel LED display on the device enclosure indicates the remaining native tape capacity in Megabytes. The display shows, also, ECC error correction code usage to help monitor tape quality and wear. Additional front-panel LEDs relate to the drive's current mode of operation (Read, Write, WFM (Writing-File-Mark), Rewind, Search), `Write Protection' on the data cartridge, `Tape in Use' and `Use Cleaning Tape'; the latter is triggered when the `Percentage Rewrites/ECC' exceeds a fixed, pre-determined threshold. Data compression is facilitated via a `Density Select' pushbutton switch on the front-panel. The CTS-2219 features, also, a configurable Personality Module to emulate Exabyte EXB-8200/8500, DEC TK50Z, HPC1537, GY-2120, MLR1, EXB-8900, EXB-8505 and DLT-400. The required emulation is selected via the front panel.

  • Density Override capability
  • Mirror and Cascade writing modes
  • V100-240~
  • 50/60 Hz
  • 2.0/1.0A

    This item powers up and responds to manual controls. However, it is being sold as is with no warranty. No manual or peripherals are included. .