Trivac D16AC PFPE Oxygen Service Vacuum Pump

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Trivac D16AC  PFPE Oxygen Service Vacuum Pump

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LEYBOLD D16AC Trivac Vacuum Pump and Motor Oxygen Service, 208VAC Single Phase, 1HP
  • D16AC PFPE Chemical AC Trivac is especially prepared for operation with PFPE Oils. The use of PFPE Synthetic Lubricants offers superior characteristics where chemical and oxidizing influences occur.
  • The Leybold D16AC PFPE AC dual stage rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump offers an excellent ultimate pressure of 1x10-4 Torr. These pumps are commonly used for pumping of corrosive or aggressive media, backing turbomolecular pumps, backing diffusion pumps, backing roots pumps, turbo, or cryo pumps, rotary evaporation, refrigeration system evacuation, epoxy degassing, vacuum sterilization, backing mass spectrometers, freeze drying, vacuum centrifugal applications, vacuum distillation, space research, and other vacuum processes. The D16AC PFPE Chemical AC Vacuum Pumps have a pumping speed displacement of 14.1 CFM. .