Toshiba AC Adaptor 15 VDC 4 A Barrel Plug (PA2444U)

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Toshiba AC Adaptor 15 VDC 4 A Barrel Plug (PA2444U)

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  • Portege: 610, 620, 650, 7000CT, 7010CT, 7020CT, 7140CT, 7200CT
  • Satellite: 1555CDS, 2105CDS, 2250CDT, 2530CDS, 2540CDS, 2545CDS, 2545XCDT, 2590CDS, 2595CDS, 2595CDT, 2595XDVD, 2615DVD, 2655XDVD, 2675DVD, 2715XDVD, 4000CDS, 4000CDT, 4005CDS, 4005CDT, 4010CDS, 4010CDT, 4015CDS, 4015CDT, 4020CDT, 4025CDT, 4030CDT, 4060CDT, 4090XDVD, 4100XDVD, 4260DVD, 4080XCDT
  • Satellite Pro: 4280XDVD, 440CDT, 440CDX, 445CDX, 460CDT, 460CDX, 465CDX, 470CDT, 480CDT, 490CDT, 490XCDT
  • Tecra: 520, 530, 550, 700, 720, 730, 740, 750, 8000

    This AC adaptor has been tested to be in good working order. No manual or peripherals are included.