Tektronix AM 502 Differential Amplifier

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Tektronix AM 502  Differential Amplifier

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  • DC to 1 MHz Maximum Bandwidth, Gain of 1 to 100,000, 100 dB CMRR, Selectable Upper and Lower -3dB Points, Adjustable DC Offset
  • The AM 502 is a dc-coupled differential amplifier with excellent common-mode rejection capabilities and high gain for low voltage measurements. The dc offset capability permits nulling up to 1 volt dc, so that low level, low frequency signals impressed on a dc level can be amplified without the degradation often introduced by ac input coupling. High and low frequency -3dB points can be selected at the front panel to suit the application. Signal inputs and outputs are available at the rear connector as well as at the front panel. A front panel lamp indicates most over range conditions of excessive input signal, excessive gain, or excessive offset. A SETP GAIN DC BALANCE control is provided to adjust for zero shift as the gain switch is changed from one position to another. The DC OFFSET COARSE and FINE controls give offset up to