Tektronix 485 Oscilloscope Dual Trace 350MHz

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Tektronix 485   Oscilloscope Dual Trace 350MHz

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  • The 485 is a general purpose, environmentalized, high performance, portable, wide band oscilloscope
  • Dual channel vertical amplifier with selectable input impedance.
  • Bandwidth: 350MHz-. Sensitivity to 5 mV/div
  • Selectable input impedance of 1 Mohm and 50-ohms. 1 nS sweep rate.
  • Automatic deflection factor readout
  • Will operate from 90 to 136 VAC in the 115 VAC mode or 180 to 272 VAC in the 220 VAC input mode,
  • Additional features are X1, X10 and X100 probe scale factor readouts,
  • 8 DIV X 10 DIV graticule area, small spot size and high writing rate.
  • This oscilloscope came to us from a retiring electrical engineer who used this in his calibration and product development electronics lab.