Targus NWDVD04-TO8 CD/DVD Drive External (parts)

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The Targus-Noteworthy DVD/CD-ROM PC Card Drive is the right accessory for anyone who needs access to CD or DVD based information anywhere. It's compact, lightweight, portable, versatile, and fast. It connects to any PC through the 32-bit Cardbus PC Card slot. It's compact enough for any briefcase or notebook PC case and it allows you to access DVD/CD-ROM information or movies on their notebook or sub-notebook PCs.Utilizing a Micro Power Management System, the Targus-Noteworthy DVD/CD-ROM Drive is completely mobile; drawing what little power it needs from your 32-bit PC Card slot and the integrated batteries. With this power management system, it only draws power when it's needed. During idle times, it requires almost no power and thus, will not cause a severe drain on your notebook's own battery.

  • No AC Adapter