Sync D-FRAP-R303 D-FRAP-R303 Frame Relay Access Probe

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Sync D-FRAP-R303  D-FRAP-R303 Frame Relay Access Probe

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Sync D-FRAP-R303 D-FRAP-R303. The D-FRAP is a Frame Relay Access Probe with an integral 56/64 Kbps DSU/CSU. Designed for use as a single monitoring unit or for wide scale deployment in WAN networks, the D-FRAP collects and stores frame relay performance information and data about the utilization of application protocols.

  • Frame Relay Access Probe TM (FRAP) with built-in 56/64 Kbps DSU/CSU
  • Collects statistical information on frame relay environments, including all RFC 1315 variables such as FECNs, BECNs, DE, Frame Errors, packets transmitted/received and more V.35 M-Block, front panel LCD & keypad
  • Collection can be set by the user for independent short-term (3 to 15 second) and long-term (4 seconds to 60 minute) periods
  • QoS monitoring for Service Level Agreement (SLA) verification including round trip delay, availability and utilization percentage per PVC and per-DLCI availability
  • TFTP software downloadable over the network
  • Supports Sync Virtual Network Interface Protocol (VNIP) capability for automatic topology mapping, congestion monitoring and per PVC loopbacks and diagnostics
  • Monitors the performance of application