Strand Lightboard-M 96 Channel Lighting Contol Console

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Strand Lightboard-M  96 Channel Lighting Contol Console

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Strand Lighting Lightboard-M 96 Channel, Programmable Theater Lighting Control Sysytem, Includes ATA Flight Case!

  • 3.5 Floppy Slot
  • Video In: RGB, Comp, AMX, (no DMX)
  • Remote In
  • Printer In
  • Group In
  • Hand-Held Remote In
  • Outputs: Dimmers 1-4
  • The Strand Lighting LIGHTBOARD M is a modular lighting control system that provides manual, memory, submaster and special effects capabilities. It is a two-scene preset programmable dimmer-control board. Each preset contains 96 channels controlled by 24 submasters. It was designed to satisfy live-performance demands by providing hands-on control where frequent changes require operational flexibility. It can be useful for live music events and nightclubs as well as medium-size stage, studio and video applications. It has a two-scene preset system complete with flash buttons.