Spectra-Tech IR-Plan Infrared Microscope for Spectrometry

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Spectra-Tech IR-Plan  Infrared Microscope for Spectrometry

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Spectra-Tech IR-Plan Infrared Research Microscope for Spectrometry

Includes Olympus Binoculars and Scope Assembly, Infrared Source, Redundant Aperturing, Dual Remote Image masking, Precision Motor Controlled Adjustment, Internal Mirror System.

  • Eye Piece: Olympus Japan 005358
  • Objective #1: DPlan 10 0.25 160/0.17 (of 4)
  • Base Objective: 10X N.A .71 Spectra Tech
  • Refrachromat Objective
  • Objective Switch Control: Two Bi-Directional Toggles
  • Side Lamp 12V 50W
  • Top Mounted Lamp 12V 20W BLV1153
  • Side Switch EPI or DIA
  • Front Switch #1 Transmission IR or View
  • Front Switch #2 Infrared Mode Trans or Refi
  • Base Unit: Redundant Aperturing w/Dual Remote Image Masking
  • Infrared Source: Infrared Associates PN: HCT-NB

    This item was deinstalled from a research and development facility and appears to be in generally good condition. This item is used and shows signs of normal wear. No manual or peripherals are included.