Sony VPH-1271Q Sony Super Data EX Video Projector

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Sony VPH-1271Q  Sony Super Data EX Video Projector

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Only 2105 hours, 650 Lumens (peak white), 7 CRTs, HDTV, DVD, S-video, RGB connections. The VPH-1271Q Video Projector is ideal for many applications including multi-media, trade shows and large meetings, as well as high-end home theater in a WIDESCREEN format. It can process an HDTV signal and create film-quality home theatre. The screen-size aspect ratios can be changed and saved in the available memories. Also ideal for computer and gaming displays. MultiScan capability: horiz 15kHz-75kHz, vert 38Hz-150Hz; Resolution: 1500 x 1200 (RGB input) or 700 lines; RGB bandwidth: 70 MHz; Processes analog and digital RGB signals; Compatible with 70-inch to 300-inch screens.This unit has been tested (75 Ohm input from a VCR), responds to Electrical and Mechanical controls and produces an excellent image. The CRTs are in very good condition. Date of manufacture: 1-92. Does not include a remote, manual or peripherals. The unit was obtained from a large supplier of professional A-V equipment. Unit weight: 138lbs. Unit dimensions: 26x32x14.