Sony VO-9600 Professional U-Matic SP 3/4 Inch Tape Deck

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Sony VO-9600 3/4inch U-Matic SP Recorder/Player with Dolby C-Type Noise Reduction.

  • Automatic SP Mode Detect System
  • Dolby C w/Auto Detect System
  • XLR Connects for Balanced Audio
  • Audio Dubbing on CH-1
  • Frame Code: New Address System
  • RS-232C Interface Capable
  • 33-pin Parallel R-C Interface
  • Real Time Counter
  • Timer Operation
  • TBC Connect/External SYNC IN
  • SYNC IN connect
  • Search, Still, Quick Start, Long Pause
  • Digital Hour Meter
  • Self-Diagnostics

    The Sony VO-9600 Recorder/Player incorporates SP technology for improved recording and playback performance. It features Dolby C-Type Noise Reduction and new circuitry. It offers improved video and audio performance and is compatable with conventional U-matic VTRs. Frame Code permits accurate search and random access operation. By connecting an external computer the application possibilities are considerably broadened. The VO-9600 is an indispensable tool for video communication systems.