Sony VO-5850 3/4" Professional. U-Matic Tape Deck

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Plays, records, edits both large and small 3/4 tapes. Visual search with jog-shuttle knob. Composite video in and out. Pre-roll for stable picture at editing point. Two audio tracks. Mode select (TBC - Normal - Edit). Overall condition of this unit is clean. This unit was inspected, powers up, and produces a signal. In addition, it was tested by creating a recording and playing it back. All controls appear to function properly. This equipment was used in an audiovisual rental company. Includes power cable, no manual. Unit will be double boxed with bubble wrap. Total shipment weight is 67 pounds and dimensions are 17.5x19.5x8.5 inches! For this shipment we offer a fixed shipping & handling charge of $47.00, subject to terms & conditions.