Sony U-Matic Pallet of Eight Parts Machines

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Sony U-Matic   Pallet of Eight Parts Machines

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  • Sony U-Matic Pallet of Eight Parts Machines
  • 1- BVU950: 3/4 SP Recorder with Time Code
  • 2- BVU800: 3/4 Video Recorder
  • 2- VO5850: U-Matic VCR
  • 3- VP5020: 3/4 Videoplayer with Auto Repeat
  • BVU950 has missing tape loader section, item powers up, no covers with unit.
  • 2-BVU800's will not load tapes, control functions inoperative, missing knobs, and cases are missing.
  • 1 VO5850 will not power on, case/frame damaged, internal components are smashed/damaged.
  • 1 VO5850 Powers on, loads/ejects/plays ok. The control panel functions and unit operates. Video output has no picture quality, many dents, case damage, missing screws, very poor cosmetically.
  • 2 VP5020's both function and play video, one of them has very poor quality video, the other has very good video. They both have all covers, screws, etc. They are in fair condition cosmetically.
  • 1 VP5020 Won't load/eject/play. Case damaged, very poor condition cosmetically.
  • This whole pallet is being sold As Is for parts/project

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