SONY RM-450 Editing Control Unit Controller

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SONY RM-450  Editing Control Unit Controller

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SONY RM-450 Editing Control Unit. The RM-450 Editing Control Unit is designed to make two-machine editing operation easy and effective. The RM-450 has 33-pin remote control interface connectors and can be connected to 33-pin equipped editing VTRs directly. Also, 9-pin remote control interface (RS-422 serial interface) connectors are provided to allow the RM-450 to be connected to 9-pin equipped VTRS. Furthermore, mixed operation of 33-pin and 9-pin equipped VTR can be executed. The RM-450 has many features which allow easy editing, a keyboard layout which minimizes key strokes, a JOG/SHUTTLE DIAL on both the player side and recorder side for convenient picture search operations, the Time Code/CTL/Relative Time Code editing modes for easy and accurate editing, the in-point auto counter reset function for convenient editing, and much more

  • Cuts only, Serial and Parallel Editor for Hi-8, 3/4 inch SP, DVCAM or Betacam SP
  • Uses RS 422 control ports

    This item powers up and appears to be in working order. It was last used in a university. However, it is being sold as is with no warranty. No manual or peripherals are included.