Sony M-2000 Microcassette Transcriber / Recorder in Orignal Bo

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Sony M-2000  Microcassette Transcriber / Recorder in Orignal Bo

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Sony M-2000 Microcassette Transcriber. Like new in original box w/ cassette included.

Key Features:
  • Microcassette System: Uses easy to obtain, easy to store microcassettes for recording and playback convenience.
  • Combination Transcriber/Recorder: Provides convenient transcribing/playback features with the ability to record conferences and telephone conversations all in one machine.
  • Conference Recording with Built-In Microphone: Allows the unit to be used as general purpose recorder during meetings.
  • Remote Mic Jack: Accepts an external microphone, for recording convenience at a distance from machine.
  • Telephone Recording Capability: Allows for direct recording of telephone conversations using an optional telephone pickup.
  • 2-Speed Operation: Compatible with Sony two-speed microcassette recorders, for maximum dictating and transcribing versatility.
  • Supplied 2-Function Foot Control and Earphone: Let the transcriptionist hear the tape while changing the mode from Play to Rewind without removing hands from the keyboard.
  • 3-Position Automatic Backspace: Lets transcriber reverse the tape 0, 1, or 3 seconds, automatically, to review recorded material for transcribing confirmation.
  • Playback Speed Control: Permits the transcriber to adjust the playback speed to the desired setting.
  • Tone and Volume Controls: Permit operator to adjust playback for clearest and most desirable sound quality of any voice.
  • 3-Digit Tape Counter: Provides display of tape elapsed, for rapid access to a particular section of the microcassette.
  • Built-In Playback Speaker: Useful when one or more persons wish to listen to the recording without the need to wear earphones.
  • Supplied Accessories: AC Adapter, Foot Control Unit, Headset

    This transcriber is like new and includes the original box. It has been tested to be in excellent condition.