Sony 8" Hi-Res Medical Color Video Monitor (PVM-8043MD)

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Sony 8" Hi-Res Medical Color Video Monitor (PVM-8043MD)

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  • Designed specifically for use in medical applications
  • The 43 Series Monitors provide exceptional clarity and color fidelity required for endoscopy, ultrasound, surgical and laboratory microscopy.
  • 12 volt battery operation for remote/field locations. Optional batteries NOT installed.
  • Inputs include: RGB, Y/C, Y/R-Y/B-Y, composite video
  • Super Fine Pitch Trinitron tube with 0.25mm aperture grille, more than 450 TV lines resolution
  • Carrying handle for durability and mobility
  • Worldwide TV standards (NTSC, PAL and NTSC 4.43) for international compatibility
  • Built-In Speaker