SKI Ekoline Ultrasonoscope Ultrasound NDT Imager (2022)

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SKI Ekoline Ultrasonoscope Ultrasound NDT Imager (2022)
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SKI 2022 Ekoline Ultrasonoscope Ultrasound imager. The monitor and printer probably need a scanning probe to show something. The ultrasound machine itself worked very well.
  • It was tried on a shorter bottle with water, a taller bottle with water and a 324 mm long piece of Aluminum sheet metal.
  • In the shorter bottle a second echo (surface - bottom again) is visible.
  • In the Aluminum plate, two such reflections are easily visible.
  • See the pictures of this, in that order!
  • We even got a clear reflex from the from panel in air, at some 3 inches distance!