Sirona Cerec 2 Dental Crown Inlay Milling Machine Cerec 2

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Sirona Cerec 2  Dental Crown Inlay Milling Machine Cerec 2

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Sirona/Siemens Cerec II Dental Crown Inlay Milling Machine Cerec 2. The CEREC II (CEramic REConstruction) method combines the adhesive bonding techniques and rapid production of all-ceramic inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and crowns for the anterior, premolar and molar regions. This results in a unique combination to create biocompatible, non-metallic, natural looking restorations from durable high-quality ceramic materials, in a single treatment session, and without the need of provisional fillings.

  • Very low use and recently checked by Patterson Dental and deinstalled from dental office
  • Complete with Cerec II Software and bootup diskette
  • Online Support:

    We do not warranty or refurbish medical equipment. This item is a lease return and at the end of the lease was checked by Patterson Dental to be in good condition. It does include software, a manual, and some accessories as shown in the extra photos. .