Simpson 260 Series 6XLP Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter AS IS

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Simpson 260 Series 6XLP  Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter AS IS

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Simpson 260 Series 6XLP Volt-Ohm-Amp meter AS IS
  • 2 cracks in plastic window but works great
  • Very accurate on all ranges
  • Taught band suspension
  • Automatic circuit breaker

    But for the cracks and a slight unbalance (use laying down!) this meter is in excellent shape! The ranges are very accurate the meter works great! Besides the regular ones, it has the additional Low Power Ohm ranges (blue dial). The battery compartment has never had a leaking battery. With the Taught-Band suspended system, there will never be any friction and it is also a more robust design than the conventional, jeweled design. All switches and potentiometers are cleaned up and lubricated with the best contact oil. This will be an instrument that you will learn to love! For an extra $75 we can balance it also, but use it horizontally and it will not be a problem.