Silicon Graphics CMN A011 Onyx Reality Engine 2 w/ Multi Channel Option

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Silicon Graphics  CMN A011  Onyx Reality Engine 2 w/ Multi Channel Option

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Silicon Graphics CMN A011 Onyx Reality Engine 2

  • Includes MCO Cables
  • Microprocessor MIPS R4400SC 64-bit RISC CPU Processors 2 to 24 Clock frequency 100MHz / 150MHz Primary caches 16K / 16K on-chip I/D cache, Secondary cache 1MB combined L2 cache per CPU
  • Graphics: RealityEngine2: 2M t-mesh triangles/second 930K textured t-mesh triangles/second 80/160/320M textured, anti-aliased pixels/second Hardware texture mapping Real-time anti-aliasing VGA up to 1600x1200 and HDTV display Advanced stereo modes Hardware image processing acceleration 48-bit RGBA color, quad-buffered (192 bits total) 256 to 1024 bits per pixel 40 to 160MB frame buffer NTSC/PAL/S-Video output
  • RealityEngine2 graphics subsystems - the world's fastest graphics. RealityEngine2 is an enhanced version of the industry-leading RealityEngine graphics subsystem. Featuring performance of up to 2 million t-mesh polygons and 320M textured, anti-aliased pixels a second, RealityEngine2 provides graphics velocity and quality beyond any other graphics system available today. Real-time multi-sample
  • Onyx Graphics Supercomputers are a unique blend of symmetric multi-processing and the world's most advanced graphics architecture.
  • Implementing parallelism in every aspect of both the graphics and CPU subsystems, Onyx offers unmatched performance in scalable, upgradeable and expandable desk side and rack systems.

    Item has been tested , power on self testing-menu functions tested,and boot test