Semiconductor Equipment Corp. 4150 SEC Flip Chip Die Bonder

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Semiconductor Equipment Corp. 4150  SEC Flip Chip Die Bonder

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  • The Semiconductor Equipment Corporation (SEC) Model 4150 Flip Chip Die Bonder combines S.E.C.'s expertise in die bonding and reflow soldering with a precision alignment system to provide a versitile process development tool or low volume production system for multi chip module projects and other flip chip applications.

    Complete w/Manuals,13 Sony PVM 1343-MD terminal & the following features:
  • Video alignment system with a cube beam splitter, color camera with motorized zoom lens, super fine pitch color monitor, & 2 independent high intensity fiber optic illuminators.
  • Viewer is motorized in X & Y for close up scanning of alignment. Electronic joystick with precision control.
  • Motorized Z motion pick-up head with closed loop electronic bond load control.
  • Manually traversing table with locks for positioning pick-up tray or bonding stage under head.
  • Manually Positioned Die Tray Holder with 4 waffle pack capicity.
  • Heated work stage with 4x4 flat vacuum chuck and closed loop temperature control to 350 degrees C.
  • Motorized X,Y and theta movement for workstage with 2 inches of X & Y travel. Electronic Joystick Control.
  • Heated flat face vacuum pick-up tool with closed loop temperature control to 250 degrees C.
  • Cover gas over heated stage with panel mounted flow control.
  • Cycle for rework or removal of die.

  • Serial # 4150-1009

    This item was deinstalled from a working environment and appears to be in good condition. This item is used and shows signs of normal wear with minior scuffs and scrapes.