Research Devices MAS-500B Wafer to Wafer Alignment system

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Research Devices MAS-500B  Wafer to Wafer Alignment system

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The MAS-500B is an Infrared / Visible Mask Aligner used mostly for front to back alignment of semiconductor wafers. It is a precision instrument designed for operation in the wavelength range from 0.4-1.8 microns. The purpose of using the aligner is to align a pattern on an upside down wafer to a second pattern an a mask! Many semiconductor materials such as silicon, gallium, arsenide, cadium telluride, and indium phosphide are transparent in the near infrared. This makes it possible to see the pattern on an upside down wafer and the mask at the same time and preform the alignment in the IR reflection or transmission mode. The contrast in the transmission mode is very highand the alignment is simple and accurate. The MAS-500B Aligner operates in the IR reflection mode, and in many applications it may be advantageous to use this mode. For example, iron oxide masks are almost transparent in the near IR and it is necessary to work in reflection, or a transmission reflection combination to enhance the mask patterns!Manual included!110 volts40-100 PSI