Racal Excalibur Multiplexor Standalone unit (ISX 5300)

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Racal Excalibur Multiplexor Standalone unit (ISX 5300)
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Racal ISX5300 Excalibur Multiplexor standalone unit. The ExcaliburTM ISX (Integrated Services Express) 5300 multiplexer is designed to transport LAN, PBX, voice, and other data applications over a full or fractional T-1 link, while avoiding the complexity of a full-featured multiplexer. The unit has a built in Data Service Unit (DSU)/Channel Service Unit (CSU), allowing direct connection to the T-1 line and eliminating the need for expensive external equipment. Standalone and central site models are available with single, dual, or triple long-haul network interfaces.

For even more comprehensive network control, the Excalibur ISX 5300 can operate with a Communications Management Series (CMSTM) network management system. You can select Racal?s proprietary management protocol for management from a CMS 400 T7 manager. PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) or SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) is also available for SNMP management via a CMS 400, CMS 6000, or generic SNMP manager.