Phillips/Norelco XRG-5000 60KV X-ray Diffraction & Spectrography System

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Phillips/Norelco XRG-5000  60KV X-ray Diffraction & Spectrography System

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X-ray Generator and Diffraction System with Goinometer.

  • Norelco X-ray generator model XRG-5000 with 60,000 Volt MA Stabilizer.
  • Sealed tube shield with 4 automatic shutters.
  • Constant potential option with KB feedback stabilizer.
  • 41 x 41 tabletop option with lead shielded acrylic sliding safety doors.
  • Second 15' long high voltage cable for use with second instrument.
  • Base assembly for single-crystal orientor option.
  • Fine Cu x-ray tube.
  • The data processor and control console consists of the following components contained in a folling rackmounted cabinet.
  • Norelco - Data processor, Type 13012500, sn: PSNC.
  • Norelco - Controller type 130-126-00, sn: PAHN.
  • Bristol - Dynamaster recorder series 67A, mn: PE-TPH552-51, 81-000200, sn: 69A-11.679.
  • The Goinometer consists of a Norelco Wide Range Goinometer. Type 15010021X, sn: 5111710, date April 1982. Advanced Metals Research (AMR), Vacuum chamber sn: 215-29. AMR focusing monochromator sn: 202-482.