Philips VWI 161/10 Vidi Wall Processor Display Controller

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Philips VWI 161/10  Vidi Wall Processor Display Controller

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Philips Vidiwall processor / Controller: for Stadium-Size 16-Screen Displays!

  • This Philips 161/10 Vidiwall Processor is used to control multiple vidi displays.
  • It could be used for large-venue, multi-screen displays.
  • Given the slots, it is 4x4 capable.
  • The unit is manufactured in Holland.
  • It powers up, goes through its system board tests and the LED displays OK.
  • The default baud rate is 9600 and can be adjusted.
  • It also has BNC connectors and inputs for a standard AT keyboard.
  • At start up the LED displays the words High Resolution Vidiwall.
  • We have not tested this vidi wall other than powering it up. These units do not have all their cards and are being sold AS IS.

    This item was pulled from a working environment and appears to be in good condition. No manual or peripherals are included.