Perkin Elmer Lambda 18 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

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Perkin Elmer Lambda 18  UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

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The Lambda 18 UV/VIS Spectrometer is a computer ready, high performance UV/VIS double beam spectrometer with double monochromator. Wavelength range: 187 nm to 900 nm. System control via the UV Winlab operating software for compatible PC's. The optical unit includes: Prealigned tungsten-halogen lamp and deuterium lamp (with lifetime counter) with automatic source change; monochromators with holographic gratings in Littrow configuration with 1440 L/mm for the UV/VIS range; spectral bandpass from 0.1 nm to 5 nm; large interchangeable sample compartment and detector module; detector optics with sample thickness correction; side-on photomultiplier (R928) with especially high sensitivity for the UV range. The UV WinLab operating software provides recording, manipulation and storage of spectral data; Operating modes: Scan, Fixed Wavelength Kinetics, Wavelength Program, Calibration, Concentration Measurements, Background Cor- rection, Instrument Validation, general arithmetic functions, Peak-Picking, flexible ASCII export options, Method Storage, Kinetics Slope Calculation, efficient Report Generator and optional automation.

This unitis complete with:
  • Labsphere RSA-PE-18 Reflectance Spectroscopy Acessory.
  • Labsphere Calibration Standard B050-7805 W/ Case & Users Guide
  • Labsphere Calibration Standards SRS-02-010, SRS-50-010, SRS-75-010, SRS-99-010 In Case
  • Labsphere Calibration standards SCS-G-010, SCS-B-010, SCS-Y-010, SCS-R-010 In Case
  • Lexmark 7200 Inkjet Printer, 17 NEC 5FGE Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse & CPU w/ software
  • Computer Requirements: Tested and Supported to work on Pentium computers with speeds up to 350 MHz using Windows 95 or 98 (will not work on faster computers or Windows NT or newer platforms) Minimum PC requirements: 486 Computer, 66MHz, Windows 3.1, 95 or 98 operating systems only, 1 available ISA slot, 3-1/2 floppy drive, 15MB RAM, 100MB Hard Drive.

    This item was pulled from a working environment and appears to be in good condition. This item is used and shows signs of normal wear with minior scuffs and scrapes. No manual or peripherals are included.