Perkin Elmer 552A UV/VIS Spectrophotometer w/manuals

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Perkin Elmer 552A  UV/VIS Spectrophotometer w/manuals

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Perkin Elmer 552A UV/VIS Spectrophotometer w/manual. The model 552 Double-Beam UV-Visable Spectrophotometer is a versatile general purpose instrument usable in a wide range of applications.
This unit has the ability to do precise quantitative and qualitative determinations of aromatics and many other organics in non-absorbing solvents such as water or Methanol.

  • RS232 Port is an OPTION for this machine. Our Machine DOES NOT have this option.
  • Principle:Double-beam, ratio recording, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer with microcomputer electronics, keyboard entry and digital ordinate and abscissa displays.
  • Optics:All reflecting optical system with diffraction grating monochromator. Rotating chopper divides sample and reference beams, focused at the sample and reference cells. Automatically programmed optical filters.
  • Sources:Tungsten-bromide and deuterium lamps with automatic change at 315 nm. Lamps controlled independently. Microcomputer monitors the on-off status of the lamps.
  • Complete w/ manual

    This item was pulled from a working environment and appears to be in good condition. This item is used and shows signs of normal wear with minior scuffs and scrapes.