Oriel Instruments 83210-V Mask Alignment System

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Oriel Instruments 83210-V  Mask Alignment System

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Oriel kept with their modular approach to instrument design when they developed their line of mask alignment systems. Incorporating the exposure illuminators, mask alignment fixtures, and powerful viewing instruments into one system has proven to be very successful. When fully integrated on to one of their vibration isolated workstations they achieve high performance at a low cost. As needs change there is no difficulty in changing components, with this approach. This is a design for those who are planning for the present and the future. Used throughout the world, these rugged systems have proven themselves in many applications. Many are still in use after 20 plus years!
    * Thin Film Hybrids
    * Power Semiconductors
    * Liquid Crystal Displays
    * Flat Panel Displays
    * Photovoltaic Cells
    * Microwave Hybrids
    * Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems
    Componentry ~
  • Mask Alignment Fixture #83210-v
  • 12 Precision Slide Assembly # 83211
  • 4 x 4 Mask Holder Vacuum # 83255
  • 2 x 2 Substrate Holder # 83204

    This item is new and unused, in manufacturer's packageing. Only removed for photography purposes. It does not come with manuals or peripherals.