Oriel 7340 Monochromator Illuminator

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Oriel 7340  Monochromator Illuminator

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Oriel 7340 Monochromator Illuminator
Optical subassembly used to isolate narrow portions of the spectrum by accepting polychromatic input from a lamp or laser and outputing monochromatic light. The dispersive element, which diffracts light into its spectrum, can be manually rotated determining the specific color of the light by its angle.
  • Holds two sources simultaneously; scan from UV-IR without breaking down the housing
  • Focused output is matched to Oriel Monochromators and Spectographs
  • Operates arc, QTH and deuterium lamps, IR elements, and HgAr calibration lamps
  • This unit has a working cooling fan and includes one untested lamp. Lamps and power supply are available from manufacturer.