Optical Radiation Corporation Opti-Beam 1000

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Optical Radiation Corporation Opti-Beam 1000

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Optical Radiation Corporation Opti-Beam 1000 Solar simulator: SS-1000-60
  • Model 533 Power Supply
  • Includes Manuals for Opti-beam 1000 and power Supply
  • 1600 Watt Xe/HgXe lamp
  • Output lens measures 8 in diameter
  • Light output measures a 6 x 6 square
  • Input voltage range: 190-230 VAC, 17A MAX
  • Output power rating: 400-1600 Watts, 15-65 Amps,
  • Unit is missing side cover, please see photos
  • General Description: The lamphouse employs a short-arc xenon lamp to produce a highly collimated beam for scientific and manufacturing applications. These lamphouses are designed for use with the Optical Radiation Model 533 Scientific Power Supply. The OB-1000 is an Ultra-violet exposure system available with the optional Opticcal Radiation Model 1521/1523 Exposure Controller. The SS-1000 is designed for use as a solar simulator and is available with the optional Model 1522 Intensity Feedback Controller. The basic lamphouse consists of an integral cabinet with a filtered cooling system. The unit features a simple control panel with lamp and shutter switches, Lamp On indicator lamp, and elapsed time meter. The hinged doors provide quick access to all interior components.