Omega DAP781 X-Y Recorder

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Omega DAP781  X-Y Recorder

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  • Table is 46 x 30 cm (18 x 12)
  • Made by BBC Goerz Metrawatt in Austria.
  • They are one of the finest recorder manufacturers in the world and this recorder is worthy representative.
  • Electrostatic paper holder
  • Automatic storage and pick-up from up to 8 pens.
  • Anyone used to erratic recorders, with dirt in their potentiometers, will find this one a pleasure to operate!
  • This is one of the fastest we have seen and the pens stop dead on, without visible overshoot.
  • Besides X-Y, it can also do time on either axis, that is X-T or Y-T.
  • Includes the manual and 5 recorder pens

    This plotter is in very good condition and comes with the manual.