Olicom CrossFire 7052 Router 70521037 (CF7052)

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Olicom CrossFire 7052 Router 70521037 (CF7052)
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Olicom 70521037 CrossFire 7052 Router (w/power adapter)
  • Olicom's CrossFire 7052 is a low-cost router offering SDLC/LLC Link Conversion Services (SLCS), RMON, hardware compression, WAN interfaces, and a variety of modem options. This robust, easy-to-use device is dedicated to maximizing application response time and performance across multi-protocol networks wherever in the world they are located.
  • Olicom's unique ClearSession technology is also supported by this device. ClearSession protects mission-critical applications in mixed protocol environ-ments by guaranteeing and prioritizing time-sensitive traffic such as SNA and NetBIOS. The result is protection from expensive downtime and the un-interrupted availability of mission-critical applications.