Nortel Multiservice Edge Switch System AC (Passport 6480)

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Nortel Multiservice Edge Switch System AC (Passport 6480)
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Nortel Passport 6480 Multiservice Edge Switch System
System Includes:
  • Chassis Model Number: NTJS60BAS-01 x 1
  • Power Supply Model Number: NTBP09BA-07 x 3
  • Cooling Unit Model Number: NTBP07AA-01 x 1
  • Balanced Panel Model Number: NTFP10BA x 2
  • Sparing Panel Model Number: NTFP99AB-02 x 1
  • CP Card Model Number: NTFN33GA-05 x 2
  • HSSI Card Model Number: NTNQ27AA-04 x 1
  • DSIM Card Model Number: NTNQ85AA-09 x 2
  • DS3A Card Model Number: NTFP18IA-02 x 2
  • Slot Cover Model Number: NNTM423F6919 x 9
    The Passport 6400 Series transports enterprise LAN, legacy data, telephony, and video traffic over public or private (leased lines, ATM, Frame Relay, or Optical Internet) networks. Offering a full range of features that improve network performance and ensure Quality of Service for voice traffic, the Passport 6400 Series of Multiservice Edge Switches increase the reliability and availability of wide area networks, thereby extending the connectivity options available though public and private WAN access. Passport 6480 is optimized for large enterprise networks.