Niobrara RM14K SY/Max Rack Mount Modem

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Niobrara RM14K  SY/Max Rack Mount Modem

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  • Input10 to 28 Volts AC or Dc
  • Output:5VDC 1a Max
  • The Niobrara RM14K Industrial Modem is a SY/MAX? register rack compatible modem which operates with dial-up public telephone lines (PSTN), leased lines (2-wire or 4-wire) or radios to provide a long distance serial communication link. It can communicate over an audio connection at rates up to 14,400 baud. It is equipped with a SY/MAX compatible RS-422 port with active RTS/CTS handshaking that can run at up to 19,200 baud in either 10- or 11-bit modes. The RM14K is compatible with the NR&D 2496X and 1296X modems; with proper configuration and software, the RM14K can also act as a standard 10-bit Hayes? compatible modem