Newport 481-A 5 Each of Precision Optical Manual Rotation Sta

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Newport 481-A  5 Each of Precision Optical Manual Rotation Sta

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Newport 481-A 5 Each Precision Optical Manual Rotation Stage
  • This bundle of five of the Newport 481-A is a bargain for this quality item.

  • The versatile Model 481-A rotary stage is ideal for fine-tuning the angular orientation of any component after rotating it to an approximate angle.

    An inner stage rotates 360 Deg in a precision bored bushing which locks with a sidemounted thumbscrew. The outer stage is a high resolution, tangentially driven design. Scale markings indicating every degree and a vernier with 5 arc min markings are engraved on the side of the stage. Model 481-A is also available with 80 pitch AJS Fine Adjustment Screws for higher resolution. Model 481-A attaches to tables and breadboards via clearance slots in the base, and to posts using one of two tapped holes located in the side of the stage.

    For applications such as polarization control, two tapped holes in the side of the stage permit convenient vertical mounting to standard posts, such as the VPH-2/SP Post combination shown.

    These items were received from a working environment and appear to be in good condition. They are used and show signs of normal wear and are being sold as is with no warranty. This auction includes a quantity of FIVE. No manual or peripherals are included. The lot can be previewed at our facility in Ventura, CA during business hours 8am to 5pm M-F.