NetScreen NS-5XP-001 Netscreen / Juniper 5XP VPN Firewall

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NetScreen NS-5XP-001  Netscreen / Juniper 5XP VPN Firewall

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NetScreen / Juniper Networks NS-5XP-001 Netscreen 5XP VPN Firewall. VPN Firewall. The NetScreen-5XP combines firewall, virtual private network (VPN) and traffic management features. The NetScreen-5XP is a ICSA certified stateful-inspection firewall with dedicated ASICs to handle the heavy lifting in hardware so your performance is not affected. The firewall/VPN combination lets you deploy a single device to establish VPN connections to a central site. Ideal for remote users behind broadband connections (includes support for PPPoE & DHCP), the NetScreen-5XP is designed to prevent a hacker from taking control of a remote PC and then using the VPN connection to break into systems on the central network.
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