Netrix AT&T Packet Multiplexer (RLX-246)

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Netrix AT&T Packet Multiplexer (RLX-246)
AT&T Netrix RLX-246 Packet Multiplexer
Transmission Facility (composite)
  • Quantity One or two, dedicated and/or switched
  • Dialing Options EIA-initiated or V.25 bis for switched digital
  • Bandwidth With HTDM data: 12.0/14.4/16.0/16.8/19.2/24.0/28.8/32.0/38.4/ 48.0/56.0/57.6/64.0/72.0/76.8/96.0/112.0/115.2/ 128.0/256 Kbps per facility Without HTDM data: Adapts to any clock rate between 9.6 and 256 Kbps Maximum aggregate is 256 Kbps
  • Interfaces Physical: DB25 male connector with cable DB25 female connector without cable Electrical: V.35, V.11/X.21, RS-422/V.36 (RS-449), RS-232/V.24 Voice Band Channels
  • Quantity 2-6 channels
  • Voice VoicePacket processing (6.4-12 Kbps dynamic), or 4.8 Kbps or 7.4 Kbps CELP
  • Facsimile 9.6, 7.2 Kbps on V.29 2.4, 4.8 Kbps on V.27ter Group III fax machines only
  • Interfaces Physical: 8-position RJ-45 modular jack or 50-pin telco