Neopost SM94 Postage and Mailing Machine with Scale

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Neopost SM94  Postage and Mailing Machine with Scale

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The Neopost SM94 is the flagship of the Neopost line of mailing equipment. Nice looking, rugged and quiet, the SM94 fits well in any mail center environment. At speeds of over 220 letters per minute, even the largest mailings are metered, sealed, and stacked in no time at all. Comprised of modular subassemblies, the SM94 remains productive longer, and is easier to maintain. As a result of its modularity, the SM94 has one third less moving parts, compared to conventional mailing machines. This means fewer things go wrong, which maximizes output. It also means daily use and care are effortless.

  • Comes with Scale and Stacker as shown in photos!

    This item powers up and appears to be in good condition. However, it is being sold as is with no warranty. No manual or peripherals are included.