Napco 5861 Large Vacuum Oven 18x18x24

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Napco 5861  Large Vacuum Oven 18x18x24

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This oven was upgraded from the original analog controller to a Watlow series 965 Digital Temperature Controller!

  • This oven does not heat up at all - due to non functional heating elements!
  • Both the Vacuum Chamber & controller test good!

    NAPCO Vacuum Ovens are designed to provide temperature control heating and drying applications requiring an airless environment. Capable of holding vacuum as high as 30 inches HG, they're ideal for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications.

    Performance Specifications:
  • Chamber Volume 4.5 cu. ft./ 129 liters - Interior Dimensions = 18 x 18 x 24
  • Temperature control: Digital control
  • Temperature Display: 0 to 250 C panel-mount

    This oven does not heat up due to faulty heating elements, and is repairable. No manual or peripherals are included.